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Our citizen initiative that will amend Lake Oswego's City Charter to protect our natural parks from future development has qualified for the November 2021 ballot!

Over 4,700 Lake Oswego registered voters signed our initiative's petition to bring this important measure to all Lake Oswego voters. Our efforts are 100% by citizens for citizens whose concerns are based on decades of City actions, exploits, and attempts to develop these natural habitats. Our charter amendment follows in the footsteps of Uplands residents who in 1978 sought protections for Springbrook Park from being bulldozed, leveled, and turned into a major athletic facility. They succeeded in enacting Chapter X - Park Development Limitation protecting Springbrook Park for over 40 years. Springbrook Park is the only Lake Oswego natural park with legal protections from development.

The City and several community leaders are planning a counter effort to neutralize our development limitations with a competing measure. Their proposed referendum draft weakens the legal protections and intent that our citizens initiative seeks to achieve and weakens protections that have proven to protect Springbrook Park — it is disingenuous to our community. 

We hope you'll subscribe to our email distribution to stay informed about the facts and consider our rebuttals to false and misleading information that the City and community leaders may use to confuse voters.

Note: We only use your contact information to keep you informed about important events and details concerning our citizen-led effort to protect our natural parks. Your information will not be sold nor shared.
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